Playtech’s line of slots features a set of titles dedicated to the famous British horse racing jockey Frankie Dettori. A theme-based blackjack game is one of them. Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven BlackJack is favored by both standard blackjack rule fans and gamblers who appreciate lucrative bonuses. Side bets, cumulative bonuses, and trophy cards marked with a special icon – all add variety to the gameplay. Players may expect to win jackpots with the odds of 7,777 to 1.

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How to play Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven BlackJack

Upon loading the game, players decide on the preferred table limits. There are four possible options to consider:

  • From 10 to 10 000 credits.
  • From 0.5 to 500 credits.
  • From 0.1 to 100 credits.
  • From 0.01 to 100 credits.

Players can play with 1 to 3 hands. A game round begins with the player making their bets, using chips whose value can be selected from the menu in the bottom left of the screen. The standard bet is on one of the hands’ winning. To make their bet, players need to place the chips on one of the three circles on the playing field. Under each hand, there is an area for the Magic Seven side bet, featuring seven trophies. Their collection is replenished every time there is a hand with a card marked with the corresponding image. To receive a payout, players must collect at least two trophies within one game round or several consecutive rounds.

The player’s ultimate goal is to beat the dealer by collecting a combination of cards whose total value is as close as possible to 21 but no more than that. If the hand value equals or exceeds 22 points, the bet is busted, and the player automatically loses. The dealing starts after the player has placed at least one minimum bet on any of the hands and hit the Deal button.

The dealer and the player receive two cards each, whilst one of the dealer’s cards is dealt face-up. Once they have been dealt the initial two cards, they can choose from several options – take an additional card, leave the combination unchanged, or double the original bet. If the hand features two cards of the same value, they can be divided into two separate combinations by pressing Split.

If the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, the user can take advantage of the Insurance option. In this case, the user risks losing only half of their original bet if the dealer has Blackjack. Aces are worth either 1 or 11 points, the cards of Jack, Queen, and King bring the player 10 points, and all the numbered cards are counted at their face value. After the gaming round is over, the player can repeat their previous bets, double them, or place new ones.

Table layout and payments

The playing field imitates a blackjack table you could see in any brick-and-mortar casino. Above the logo, there is an image of Frankie Dettori himself. A plate indicating wager limits is located at the top left of the screen. The payouts in Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven BlackJack are as follows:

  • Winning hand – 1 to 1
  • Blackjack – 3 to 2
  • 7 trophies in 2 rounds – 7777 to 1
  • 7 trophies in a row – 70 to 1
  • 6 trophies in a row – 24 to 1
  • 5 trophies in a row – 14 to 1
  • 4 trophies in a row – 7 to 1
  • 3 trophies in a row – 1 to 1

All prize odds are multiplied by the bet placed on the winning hand.

How to win when playing Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven BlackJack

The average expected return (RTP) in this game is 98.49%. The house edge in a blackjack game is minimal, so the user has a good chance of winning from the start. A few simple rules can help further improve your chances of success: avoid splitting cards worth 10 points each, leave unchanged the combinations that give you 17 or more points, do not ignore Insurance and side bets.

Winning hand1 to 1
Blackjack3 to 2
7 trophies in 2 rounds7777 to 1
7 trophies in a row70 to 1
6 trophies in a row24 to 1
5 trophies in a row14 to 1
4 trophies in a row7 to 1
3 trophies in a row1 to 1

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