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Classic slots are the most common genre in modern online and ground-based casinos. When developing these slots, manufacturers take the traditional one-armed bandits as a model. Such slots appeared in the early 20th century. Today, despite the huge variety of modern games for all tastes, classic slots do not lose their popularity.



History of the Genre

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, American engineer Charles Fei created the first slot machine called Liberty Bell. A few years later, the ban on the issuance of winnings in real money came into force in America. After that, slot machines began to give out prize payouts with fruits, chewing gum, chocolate, and other goodies. That’s why the reels of the first slots had fruit and the BAR inscription (as a chocolate bar) on them. Thus, the standard set of symbols used in classic one-armed bandits was formed. They also used icons designed as gold bars, sevens, and card suits.

This set of icons was so attractive to the players that it has been present on the slots throughout their history. The same icons continued to be used when electric slots replaced mechanical ones, when the first video slots with a screen instead of reels appeared, and, finally, when players started to play in online casinos. No matter what slots the companies develop, the good old one-armed bandits with fruits, sevens, bells, and other classical attributes remain the most numerous and popular genre.

Features of Classic Slot Machines

The simplest possible rules are one of the main distinctive features of classical slot machines. Bonus rounds are rare in the slots of this genre. The following symbols are the ones used in traditional slots:

  • Bell
  • Star
  • Seven
  • Fruit images
  • The BAR inscription

Also, in classic slots, you can find icons designed as horseshoes, card suits, or card denominations. Many slots of this genre have a risk game. Most often, players need to guess the color of the dealer’s card suit in the risk game. Also, most of the classic slots have a bonus in the form of free spins. As a rule, to access free spins, players need to collect at least three scatters. By structure, the classic slots can have the following:

  • 3 reels
  • 5 reels

Among the special icons, there are often a wild symbol and a scatter. For example, the Sizzling Hot slot from Novomatic is one of the most popular classic games. The development has become so successful that the manufacturer has released an updated version of the game with 20 reels.

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