The Formosan Birds video slot by KA Gaming made its first appearance in 2018. The game takes place against the backdrop of a beautiful mountain landscape decorated with colorful birds. The slot machine has 5 reels and 25 paylines. Players highly appreciate Formosan Birds for its free spins, during which an additional wild symbol turns up.

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How to play Formosan Birds?

After loading the slot in the free version, the player receives 5,000 demo credits to their virtual game balance. The worth of each bet will be withdrawn from this balance and all winnings will be credited to it. The number of lines does not change, and all 25 lines are active during any spin. Users can opt to adjust the total bet amount with the help of the New Bet button, which opens a separate menu. In this menu, players can select the desired bet value of 25, 125, 250, 625, or 2,500 credits. The 2,500-credit bet amount can be activated with a single click by pressing the Max Bet key. In this case, a dialog box will appear on the screen where users will be urged to confirm the action. If the player agrees, the next spin starts automatically.

The round button with a triangle gets the reels going. A short press on it will initiate one round, and a long press will begin a series of automatic spins. Players can check with the paytable to find out what payouts each winning combination of symbols can bring them. The table opens with the “i” button. Payouts are guaranteed for combinations featuring 2-5 identical symbols.

Symbols and Payouts

The two pictures of birds with the word Wild written on them substitute for the rest of the symbols. The picture of a blue bird can appear in any mode, while the purple one only lands during free spins. Both of these wild symbols have the highest payout multipliers in the game: 15, 50, 75, and 2000. The black-and-blue bird symbol and the peacock multiply the linear bet by 5, 35, 250, and 1000 times. The pictures of a blue-and-yellow bird, a ladybug, and blueberries have multipliers of 20, 100, and 500.

The style of the playing card symbols matches the main theme of the slot: they are made of feathers. These pictures have the following payout multipliers:

  • A, K – 10, 75, 200.
  • Q, J – 10, 35, 150.
  • 10, 9 – 5, 25, 125.

The slot has a flower-shaped scatter that multiplies the total bet by 5, 25, and 150 times.

Formosan Birds Slot Bonuses

Free spins will begin if at least three scatters land anywhere on the reels in the main mode game. Their exact number is determined in the following way:

  • 3 scatters – 10 free spins.
  • 4 scatters – 15 free spins.
  • 5 scatters – 25 free spins.

The user’s chances of forming a paid combination of symbols increase during free games. Firstly, it is because an additional wild symbol appears on the reels. Furthermore, whenever it drops, it relocates to a different position, turning the picture on it into a wild symbol.

How to win?

The slot’s RTP equals 96.02%, which means that, in a long gaming session, the player can theoretically receive 96.02% of the bets they make and win. Users have the highest chances of winning big during free spins, so it makes sense to gradually increase the bet until this bonus feature is activated.

SymbolPayout multipliers
Wild#1, Wild#215, 50, 75, 2000
Scatter5, 25, 150 (total bet)
Black-and-blue bird, peacock5, 35, 250, 1000
Blue-and-yellow bird, ladybug, blueberries20, 100, 500
A, K10, 75, 200
Q, J10, 35, 150
10, 95, 25, 125

by Berendej Kutko

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