In 2019, KA Gaming released a rather unusual video slot called Nine Lucks. The name of the game was not picked by accident: Chinese people associate the number nine with happiness and immortal life. The very first thing that attracts players’ attention to this slot machine is its original structure. The playing field of the slot is a 3*3 square with nine standalone reels where various national Chinese symbols and glass balls of different colors land. The slot offers simple rules and is suitable for players of any experience level.

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How to play Nine Lucks?

After loading the game, the user can select the amount of the total bet: 9, 45, 90, 225, or 900 credits. To adjust this parameter, players need to visit the menu that opens with the New Bet button. Using the Max bet button, it is possible to activate the maximum bet of 900 credits in just one click. The big round key in the center of the control panel sets the reels of the video slot in motion. The reels begin to whirl, alternating the symbols on them. The “i” button opens the paytable. Combinations of 2 and 3 identical symbols bring payouts.

Symbols and Payouts

There are two groups of symbols in the slot. The first one includes images of sacred animals and various attributes of Chinese culture. These images are paid if they come in combinations of three identical symbols per line. The picture of a blue dragon brings the largest payouts among all standard symbols. It multiplies the linear bet by 200 times. The frog image has a payout multiplier of 150. The turtle increases the bet by 100, the gold vessel boosts it by 50, and the Chinese coin picture has an x40 multiplier.

The second group of pictures used in the Nine Lucks slot is a collection of glass balls of different colors. For these, the minimum number of identical symbols required to form a paid combination is 2. Here are the multipliers that such pictures have:

  • Green ball – 15, 30.
  • Purple ball – 10, 20.
  • Orange ball – 5, 10.
  • Blue ball – 3, 8.

Identical ball symbols on adjacent cells can be replaced with the image of a giant dragon.

How to win?

The slot machine does not have any bonus features to offer, but since it allows for several symbols to transform into one big picture, large payouts are possible in any round. If the player decides to make large bets during the entire session, the odds are they will be able to win their money back and also make a sizeable profit.

SymbolPayout multipliers
Golden dragon200
Blue dragon200
Gold vessel50
Chinese coin40
Green ball15, 30
Purple ball10, 20
Orange ball5, 10
Blue ball3, 8

by Berendej Kutko

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