July 18, 2023

Each player stepping into an “Online casino” dreams about winning that big jackpot. But, guess what? A whole bunch of gambling fans say it's not just about the cash. They love the thrill of the game itself. This is why more players are now choosing free slots.

Free Slots vs Play for Real Money - What's the deal?

This trend caught the attention of some folks at the Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior in LA. They decided to explore - is it about the money or just the fun of playing? They gathered data from over 5500 online casino players for their study.

In 2020, only 4% of all online casino visitors preferred “Free slot machines”. Fast forward to 2022, and that number jumped to 7%. And guess what? The total number of players in online gambling saw a whopping 23% increase!

The results? They're a mixed bag. Most players didn't have their sights set on the jackpot. They were in it for the thrill of the game.

For the study, players took lie detector tests, and some even tried hypnosis. Here's what came out: 56% of participants were emotionally hooked to the gaming process. About 41% were dreaming big about a massive win. Only 3% were all about the money and totally sucked into the emotional ride of the game.

Next, the scientists compared the emotional impact of playing for money versus free slot machines. The brain activity? Pretty much the same, whether you're playing for cash or not. But, players putting down real money felt a 45% higher emotional rush compared to those playing for free.

So, here's the final word: Playing for real money can lead to gaming addiction in 70% of cases. But, it's also true that it brings the same level of excitement as playing on free slot machines. So, whether you're trying your luck in a lottery, betting on your favorite team, or spinning the slot machine, remember, gambling is all about the thrill!

by Berendej Kutko

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