The Magic Keno table game is an online analog of the lottery. According to the rules of this game, users receive prize payouts for indicating the numbers, which will later coincide with the combination chosen by the random number generator. In Magic Keno, gamblers have a chance to win with multipliers of up to 20,000. All that is needed is to select from 1 to 10 numbers. Then 23 lucky numbers will be determined. The more of them coincide with those indicated by the player, the higher the winnings.

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Magic Keno Rules

After downloading the Magic Keno game, the user will see a field divided into 80 numbered cells. As it was already mentioned, a gambler can choose from 1 to 10 of them. To do this, simply click on the cells directly on the game board. Before the game starts, you need to determine the value of the game currency unit. For this, use the menu, which is located at the bottom left of the interface. With it, you can set the value from 0.2 to 5 credits.

The Size of Winnings

On the right side of the screen, you can see the payout table. It indicates the final amount of winnings in virtual coins. The payout coefficients are as follows:

  • 2 numbers – 0.5
  • 3 numbers – 1
  • 4 numbers – 2
  • 5 numbers – 4
  • 6 numbers – 10
  • 7 numbers – 100
  • 8 numbers – 300
  • 9 numbers – 2,000
  • 10 numbers – 20,000

Game Process

There is an automatic selection of 10 numbers in the game. To use it, you must press the Autopick button. Also, there is the Clear key on the control panel, which allows you to reset selected numbers and choose new ones.

The Play button starts the round. First, three lucky numbers are chosen. Then 20 numbers are determined. The player wins if at least 2 lucky numbers coincide with the selected ones. The game control allows you to activate 5 or 10 automatic rounds.

Selected numbers that match the winning numbers are highlighted. The Lucky Numbers feature is active only when the player has chosen 10 numbers. These numbers are selected at the very beginning of the draw and significantly increase the gambler’s chances of winning.

How to Win at Magic Keno

Of course, to increase the chances to win the jackpot during the game at Magic Keno, it is advisable to activate all 10 numbers. Not only will it increase the probability of winning but also will activate the Lucky Numbers feature. In general, all the strategies created for keno work in this game. It can be the choice of numbers that have not generated yet, bet on the reverse event, and other strategies. Each strategy can be worked out in a demonstration mode without financial risks.

2 numbers0.5
3 numbers1
4 numbers2
5 numbers4
6 numbers10
7 numbers100
8 numbers300
9 numbers2000
10 numbers20000

by Berendej Kutko

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