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How to play Three Cards Monte

After launching the game, three face-down cards appear on the screen. Once they are flipped over, you see three aces: ace of spades, clubs, and hearts. Pay utmost attention to the latter and try to memorize its location with respect to the other two cards. After that, all three aces are flipped face-down again and shuffled. The player must then decide where the ace of hearts is. If they choose correctly, the game continues. If the player makes a mistake, the win counter is set to zero, and the game cycle begins anew. As they proceed, the shuffling speed increases, and tracking the card gets more challenging.

Table layout

The game features a pleasant minimalist design. The cards flip over on the green table. At the bottom right, a cell that shows the current number of successful attempts is located. On the left, there is an information block, which displays the best result so far.

How to win when playing Three Cards Monte

Given that the rules here are as simple as possible, there are no particular game strategies for Three Cards Monte. The odds of winning here are 1 to 3. You can increase your chances of success by being highly focused and attentive.

by Berendej Kutko

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