November 01, 2023

Among the many stereotypes surrounding online gambling, the most long-lived and common one is that no online casino will ever let its gamblers win big simply because it would eat into their profits and ruin their business. But is the statement that “the house always wins” true? Is the dream of landing a million-worth jackpot while betting as little as $1 in slot machines really hopeless?

It turns out it is not. Numerous players have accomplished it in the past. Here are some spectacular examples of the biggest online casino wins ever. While we are only focusing on slot machines today, there are plenty of grand success stories of people hitting it big in live casino games such as poker, blackjack, and dice, as well as in sports betting.

Jackpot Win

Top 5 Biggest Wins in the History of Online Slots

Here are the five most remarkable tales of triumph that reveal the incredible potential for life-changing fortunes through online slot machines. From students to first-time players to seasoned gamblers, these people have beaten the extreme betting odds and achieved extraordinary wins that inspire millions worldwide.

1. Peter – €11.7 million

Our list of the top 5 luckiest slot machine gamblers in history opens with a student from Norway named Peter. The young man bagged a whopping €11.7 million (approx. $13.3 million) payout by playing a progressive jackpot slot game at Betsson Online Casino. By betting only €0.25 (approx. ¢28) in the Mega Fortune slot, Peter got a free spin from a promo that ultimately landed him the life-altering win.

2. Georgios M. – €6.3 million

The year 2009 proved to be quite extraordinary for a business owner from Greece named Georgios M., who defied the challenging betting odds in the Mega Moolah online slot machine and cashed out a multi-million jackpot prize of about $8.6 million at River Belle Online Casino. The lucky winner had spent less than an hour spinning the reels of the world’s most famous slot machine before he hit the jackpot with a mere $6.80 wager.

3. Jonathan Heywood – £13.2 million

In 2015, Jonathan Heywood, a 26-year-old soldier from the UK, took home a record-breaking €13.2 million payout. The extraordinary win was triggered with the minimum bet of £0.25 in the Mega Moolah slot machine at Betway Casino after Jonathan had spent only 25 minutes in his first-ever gambling session. With the money he won, Jonathan, who turned from a regular British soldier into a millionaire overnight, promised to fund his father’s lung and heart treatment.

4. Anonymous Gambler – €18.9 million

We wish we could give you the name but, alas, the lucky champ preferred to remain unknown to the larger public as he or she quietly withdrew their staggering €18.9 million (approx. $22.6 million) jackpot payout that was won on a mere $0.75 bet in the Mega Moolah slot machine. The grandest moment in the history of online slot betting up to date happened at Grand Mondial Online Casino in September 2018.

5. E.O. – CA$20 million

Concluding our top-5 list of major casino wins is the remarkable 2019 victory of a Canadian funeral home worker, a player known by the initials E.O. She managed to scoop up a mind-blowing CA$20,058,287.27 (approx. €13.3 million) reward in Microgaming’s Mega Moolah at Zodiac Online Casino after just a few spins on this progressive jackpot game. When playing Mega Moolah, E.O. follows the same routine: she starts low, waits for the Free Spins to get triggered, and then ups her bet to see if the bonus will drop again.

So, now that you know that coming to an online casino to try to land a mega-big win on the reels of your favorite slot machine isn’t all that hopeless, let us see which insights we can draw from the lucky winners’ experiences. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when chasing your own fortune in slot machines:

  • Play progressive jackpot slots: their operators share a common prize pool that keeps growing until someone is lucky enough to take it.
  • Keep an eye on promos and free spins: they can increase your chances of massive wins without requiring additional costs.
  • Start low and increase the ante gradually if luck is kind to you: in almost every case described above, winners did not have to spend tons of money to score the jackpot, which sometimes came from betting as little as a few cents.
  • Manage the bankroll wisely: sticking to a budget and avoiding impulsive betting will allow you to ensure a sustainably enjoyable betting experience.

The most valuable lesson is that you should stop being just a dreamer and become a doer! People who do can fail at first but might eventually succeed; at the same time, those who don’t do anything never give themselves a chance to win. Good luck betting, and may your next spin bring you closer to an extraordinary payout!

by Berendej Kutko

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