7 Reel Slot Video Slot is a perfect choice for those who used to playing while having a wide range of options. This slot is very unique because it has as many as 7 reels, where you can activate from 1 to 7 lines. It is possible to win up to 7000 credits with each spin. This video slot has a classic theme and simple rules.

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How to play 7 Reel Slot

There are buttons with numbers from 1 to 7 on the interface of the 7 Reel Slot. Each of them activates the corresponding number of paylines. The size of the bet on each direction can be from 7 to 14. It is adjusted by using the Bet button. Max key allows you to bet the maximum amount of money.

When you have set all the parameters, you can start the rotations. All 7 reels are moved by using the Spin button. Pay table is located directly below the gaming interface. There are several informational tabs that have important information about the game:

  • bet — the size of the bet;
  • win — the last win;
  • credits — balance on the account.

7 Reel Slot complies with the classical standards of video slots and has no special bonuses and add-ons. It is created for those who appreciate both the original idea and ease of use.

Symbols and winnings

All the images used in the video slot 7 Reel Slot are different variations on the “sevens” theme. The most valuable of them is the number 7 in a star. It allows you to win up to 7000. Three yellow-green sevens give a chance to get payouts of up to 700. Light-blue numbers in the blue frame let you reach payments of up to 114, and light-green ones in the green frame can give you up to 94. You can get up to 70 for combinations of white-blue sevens. Red-white numbers will bring payouts of up to 34, and red numbers will bring you up to 94.

How to win in 7 Reel Slot

The secrets of winning in 7 Reel Slot are as simple as the video slot itself. First of all, you need to activate all 7 paylines. Secondly, by increasing the size of the bet, you’ll be able to get larger payments. The demo mode provides an excellent opportunity to master all the aspects of the video slot without any financial risks.

7 in the star7000
Yellow-green 7700
Light-blue seven in a blue frame114
Light-green 7 in a green frame94
White-light-blue 770
Red-white 734
Red 794

by Berendej Kutko

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