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Most popular slot machines are released under authoritative trademarks. Hearing the name of this or that cult video slot, any experienced player remembers the developer that released this game. But there are exceptions to this rule. There is a category of games known as no name slots. These are developments whose manufacturer is unknown for some reason or another.



What are no name slots?

No name slots are games that cannot be officially attributed to any manufacturer. Users only know the names of video slots and their characteristics. As a rule, on official websites for playing for money, such devices are not represented. But the resources that allow playing slot machines for free, sometimes have such slots.

Why there is no exact indication of the manufacturer of the game? There may be several reasons for this. Such slots can be developed by enthusiasts who do not pursue financial gain. This is the author’s video slots, which are intended primarily for interest. Another category is the old slots. Due to the fact that they were developed a long time ago, it is not always possible to identify a manufacturer. Most often, the company-developer has long ceased to operate.

Another reason is the purchase of copyright for slots from one manufacturer by another company, which, again, no longer continues its work. In connection with the change of the trademark, confusion arises and there is only the name of the slot machine rather than the mention of one or another developer.

Why do players prefer no name slots?

Most fans of no name slots are gamblers with an impressive experience. They have a lot of experience playing slots and remember the times when slots with lost copyright worked with full functionality. The use of no name slots allows you to meet again with a beloved one-armed bandit and spend time gambling, spinning reels.

Where to find no name slots

As it was already mentioned, most often slots of this type are present where there is an opportunity to play for free. The use of such slots in an online casino where you can play for money is difficult because there is a need to make changes to the program code.

No name slots are games that can give the player exciting gambling emotions and the opportunity to join the classic gambling.

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