This video slot is dedicated to fairy tales and other stories of magic. It features 5 reels with 20 configurable payoff lines. Every round played in Nights Reels could bring you magical payoffs with coefficients of up to 5000. The winnings you get in main game mode can be multiplied in the special risk-round.

While spinning the reels in the Nights Reels slot you’ll be able to not only collect regular winning combinations from three or more symbols on an active payoff line, but also benefit from some awesome bonus functions. For instance, one of the bonus features in Nights Reels lets you spin the reels ten times for free.

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Rules of the Nights Reels Slot

In Nights Reels you can use the denomination procedure to determine the value of one in-game currency unit in credits. Use the Click to Change button in the left bottom corner of the interface to customize this setting, but bear in mind that its value should lie between one and ten credits. The Lines button allows you to activate from 1 to 20 payoff lines. In addition, in Nights Reels you can also choose the size of the bet per line (measured in in-game currency) by following these steps:

  • find the Bet per Line button on the control panel
  • configure the size of your bet by pressing the button until you achieve the desired value (it should lie in the 1 – 200 range)
  • the sum you defined will be automatically multiplied by the number of active payoff lines

In addition, you have the possibility to instantly activate the maximum possible bet size for all active lines. To do that, just press the Bet Max button once. It is a good idea to take a look at the payoffs table before you actually start spinning and winning. All information regarding possible symbol combinations and corresponding payoffs can be found in the table that can be pulled up onto the screen by pressing the Info button. If you prefer to launch the spins manually, use the Spin button to do that. Otherwise, use the Auto Start button to launch a series of automated spins. To win, you have to collect from two to five identical symbols on an active payoff line.

Risk-Game in the Nights Reels Slot

As soon as the reels are displaying a winning combination, you’ll get a possibility to try your luck in the risk-game. In this game mode you can increase your previous payoff twofold or even further. To launch the risk-game, press the Gamble button. In the risk-game you can bet your whole last payoff (press the Double button) or half of it (press the Double Half button). In the risk-game you will see five playing cards being displayed on the playing field. You will only be able to see the face value of one card, the rest will be lying face down. You will have to choose one of those cards. If its rank turns out ot be higher than the rank of the dealer’s card, your payoff will be doubled. You can always stop the risk-game and keep your payoff by pressing the Collect button (but only as long as you don’t choose the wrong card and lose your bet).

Symbols and Payoffs

The most rewarding symbol in the Nights Reels slot is the picture of a character in a blue hat. This icon features coefficients equal to 10, 100, 1000, und 5000. The picture of the character in a red hat will increase the size of your bet by 5, 40, 400, or 2000 times. The elf and the owl bring payoffs with coefficients of 5, 30, 100, or 750. All other icons form winning combinations if an active payoff lines displays three, four, or five of them after a single spin. These icons are based on traditional playing cards symbols and have following coefficients: A, K – 5, 40, 150; Q, J, 10 – 5, 25, 100.

Bonuses of the Nights Reels Slot

The scatter symbol in the Nights Reels slot is the picture of a clock on a tower. It increases the overall size of the bet by 2, 20, or 200 times. If you get at least three such symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll get ten free bonus spins. During these spins the reels might display an additional mystery scatter which increases your chances of getting an impressive payoff.

How to Win the Nights Reels Slot

There are several tricks which can help you increase your winnings in the Nights Reels slot. For instance, if you choose to only bet half of your payoff during the risk-game, you will be minimizing the risk while enjoying the same chance of winning. It is also a good idea to activate the entire available range of payoff lines to maximize your payoffs and the probability of actually getting them.

Scatter2, 20, 200
Character in a blue hat10, 100, 1000, 5000
Character in a red hat5, 40, 400, 2000
Elf5, 30, 100, 750
Owl5, 30, 100, 750
A5, 40, 150
K5, 40, 150
Q5, 25, 100
J5, 25, 100
105, 25, 100

by Berendej Kutko

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