Penny Roullete video slot is developed by Playtech. This game is based on the classic rules of roulette. It has several varieties of bets. In each round, you can win sums with multipliers of up to 35 to 1. Also, Penny Roullete has simple rules and dynamic gameplay.

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How to play Penny Roullete

Playtech’s Penny Roullete uses virtual chips from 1 to 1000 credits. They can be chosen in the menu that is located in the left part of the screen. Your main task is to place appropriate bets that will be played after the rotation of the roulette. Under the wheel there is a playing field with tabs, each of which allows you to place a bet on a specific parameter. Penny Roullete slot machine has the following varieties of bets:

  • number
  • two numbers
  • four numbers
  • red or black
  • even or odd number
  • row
  • dozen
  • range from 1-18 or 19-36

Numbers from 0 to 36 are located on the roulette wheel. After rotation, the ball stops on one of the numbers. This determines which of the bets have played. To start the rotation, click on the round button on the right part of the interface. Above the button you will find the Turbo switch. When it is activated, the animation of roulette rotation is accelerated.

The control interface of Penny Roulette includes the following elements for adjusting the bet:

  • undo — undo the last operation
  • clear bets — delete all chips that are placed
  • x2 — double all the bets

Payouts in Penny Roullete

Bets in Penny Roullete are paid as follows:

  • number — 35 to 1
  • two numbers — 17 to 1
  • four numbers — 8 to 1
  • red or black — 1 to 1
  • even or odd number — 1 to 1
  • row — 2 to 1
  • dozen — 2 to 1
  • range from 1-18 or 19-36 — 1 to 1

How to win in Penny Roullete

RTP (return to player percent) of Penny Roulette video slot is 97.3%. For this game, you should use strategies that are based on theory of chances. The table, which displays the last numbers that have appeared, is located to the right of the roulette. This element of the interface is useful for those who employ various strategies for roulette. With its help, you can truly gauge the probability of getting certain numbers in the near future.

Number35 to 1
Two numbers17 to 1
Four numbers8 to 1
Red or black1 to 1
Even or odd1 to 1
Range1 to 1
Row2 to 1
Dozen2 to 1

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