Wolves Wolves Wolves slot machine is dedicated to animals. It has 5 reels and 40 fixed prize paylines. Each rotation is a perfect chance for you to win sums with multipliers of up to 1500. This game is developed by the ‘Playtech’ Company in 2018.

This video slot has a wild symbol that replaces all the other icons in winning combinations, and there are also special images that occupy several vertical tabs at once. The gameplay of Wolves Wolves Wolves includes an advantageous prize function that can be launched at any time of the game.

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How to play Wolves Wolves Wolves

While playing Wolves Wolves Wolves, you can adjust the bet by following the steps below:

  • Find the Bet menu on the control interface.
  • Select the value from 0.20 to 20 credits.

This value is the total bet that will be deducted from your balance at the beginning of each rotation of the reels. The linear bet can range from 0.005 to 0.5 credits. To get prize payments on your account, from 3 to 5 identical symbols should appear on at least one payline. The line bet will be multiplied by the multiplier corresponding to this icon. You can become acquainted with winning multipliers for each of the symbols at the pay table. It opens with the ‘i’ button.

A single round in manual mode starts after clicking on the Spin button. Those who prefer an automatic mode can use the Auto Play button. Also in Wolves Wolves Wolves, you can speed up the animation of the reels with help of the Turbo Mode button

Symbols and winnings

Wolves Wolves Wolves uses a wooden statue as a wild symbol. It replaces all missing icons in winning combinations. The wild symbol is the highest paid icon in the game. It multiplies the linear bet by 80, 300, and 1500. An image of a wolf can occupy from 2 to 5 vertical tabs. It has multipliers of 4, 50, 170, and 750.

A horse has multipliers of 20, 80, and 240, and an eagle has multipliers of 14, 50, and 180. Two crossed axes have multipliers of 10, 40, and 120. A hut multiplies the linear bet by 10, 30, and 90. The remaining symbols are represented by cards and have the following multipliers:

  • diamond, heart — 8, 14, 80
  • spade, club — 8, 10, 70

There is no scatter in this video slot.

Bonuses of Wolves Wolves Wolves

At any time when you play Wolves Wolves Wolves a bonus feature can launch, which can happen regardless of the game’s situation. If it is activated, the reels increase in length. Thus, the number of paylines can increase to 100. Due to this feature, players get an opportunity to get truly impressive wins.

How to win in Wolves Wolves Wolves

RTP (return to player) of the Wolves Wolves Wolves slot machine is 94.08%. The largest winnings are possible when the prize function is activated, because the number of active lines significantly increases with the previous size of the bet. Due to the fact that this bonus can be activated at any time of the game, it is recommended to keep the bet at a stable high level or raise it up until the launch of this function.

Wild80, 300, 1500
Wolf4, 50, 170, 750
Horse20, 80, 240
Eagle14, 50, 180
Axes10, 40, 120
Hut10, 30, 90
Diamond8, 14, 80
Heart8, 14, 80
Spade8, 10, 70
Club8, 10, 70

by Berendej Kutko

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