The Pirate 2 slot is the sequel to the popular game from the Russian developer Igrosoft. Even the most demanding fans of gambling games will be satisfied by the improved graphics and the new version of risk-game. Every player gets a chance to win the maximum payoff, which is equal to 187500 credits. During regular spins one can get up to 5000 credits with the help of the treasure map symbol.

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What’s New in the Pirate 2 Slot?

The main structure of Pirate 2 is the same as in the first version of the game. The game features five reels and nine lines. The size of a bet on one line varies from 1 to 25, while the size of the overall bet lies in the range from 1 to 225. The bet can be controlled with the “Bet One” and “Bet Max” buttons. It is possible to use 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 lines simultaneously in one game. The number of lines you are going to be using can be set up with respective keys.

The risk-game underwent a lot of changes in the second version of Pirate slot. In the original version, the risk-game utilized dice, but in Pirate 2 the game went on to use cards. Apparently, the developers decided to design the risk-game in a way that is more common and understandable for gamblers. To double your payoff after getting the prize combination, you have to press one of the buttons for determining the bet size. After that you’ll have to use the buttons that help you set up the lines to choose one of four cards. If its rank is higher than the one of the already opened card, your payoff will be doubled.

Symbols and Bonuses

The selection of symbols in the second version of the game was mostly taken from Pirate slot and left unchanged. The most noticeable change lies in the design of the symbols: in Pirate 2 you can see that the graphic quality of the icons went up a notch. The coefficients also remained unchanged. The treasure map will still get you up to 5000 credits, while the wild symbol (the portrait of the ship captain) features coefficients up to 2000.

Similarly to its predecessor, the Pirate 2 slot has two bonus games. The bonus games are launched by triple combinations of the treasure chest and barrel symbols. The triple combination may be situated in any place on the reels.

If you get the three treasure chests combination, you will see five more chests underneath the reels. You will have to open them one by one. Inside the chests you may find great bonuses, but one of them may also contain a skull which will end this round of the game for you.

The second bonus game opens up an additional window in the game. There you will see a number of dice and ten barrels around them. The numbers from 1 to 6 are hidden inside the barrels. You will get bonus payoffs for every matched number on the die and the barrel.

How to Win the Pirate 2 Slot

Even if the Pirate 2 slot did not provide you with a large payoff, you can still hit the jackpot in the risk-game. Experienced gamblers claim that the second part often lets you double the payoff the first time you try, but if you succeed, you’d better stop at that. According to the reviews of this slot game, the higher the bet and the number of lines, the more often you can get winning combinations.

Treasure Map200, 1000, 5000
Pirate100, 500, 2000
Cannon30, 100, 500
Cannonball20, 50, 200
Pistol10, 30, 100
Daggers5, 10, 50
Hook3, 5, 20
Monocular2, 3, 10

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