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Rules of the Resident Slot

Before you start out on a complicated spy mission, you have to configure two parameters:

  • The number of active lines (from 1 to 9)
  • The size of the bet for every line (from 1 to 200)

The first setting is configured by using the keys with numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. The chosen number corresponds to the quantity of active lines you are going to use during the game. It can be changed after every spin. The maximum bet is equal to 1800 credits and can be activated with the “Bet Max” button. To determine the bet size manually, you’ll have to use the “Bet One” key.

These two buttons can open the risk-game after getting the winning combination on the reels. The combination has to have at least three identical symbols. The risk-game on the screen will display five playing cards. One of them will be face-up, but you won’t be able to see the rest of them. Out of these four cards lying face-down you’ll have to choose one. You win if the card you chose turns out to be of a higher rank than the one lying face-up.

Symbols and Payoffs

The gold medal has the highest coefficients of all symbols. If you get a combination of gold medal symbols on an active line, you can get from 200 to 5000 credits. The wild symbol is a fire extinguisher, and it can get you up to 2000 credits. You can also get various combinations of six symbols on the reels with coefficients from 2 to 500. The symbols are as following:

  • Service stripe
  • Machinegun
  • Star
  • Book
  • Gas-mask
  • Pistol

The minimum number of identical symbols on an active line is equal to three.

Resident Slot Bonuses

If you find a safe, you can gain access to the bonus game through it. Three such symbols will transfer you into the weapon storage. You’ll see four more safes in front of you. Inside three of those safes you will find prizes, but one of them contains explosives. If you open the three safes with bonuses first, you can go on to the second level. There you will have to guess behind which door the enemy is keeping the radio operator Kate and free her.

How to Win the Resident Slot

The Resident slot became popular in Russia already in the 1990s. Many tips and secrets for winning exist since then. There is even a system, according to which the game has to be started with one active line and a bet that is equal to 10. If you don’t get a payoff after two spins, you have to increase the number of lines to three. After that, go on with the game following the same pattern (increasing the number of lines after every two spins) until you get a big payoff. Then you’ll have to return to the starting parameters.

Another trick involves playing with the maximum bet, so that you get to the bonus round with the fire extinguisher. This will help you protect yourself from the explosives in one of the safes and grant you one more try.

Medal200, 1000, 5000
Fire extinguisher100, 500, 2000
Service stripe30, 100, 500
Machinegun20, 50, 200
Star10, 30, 100
Book5, 10, 50
Gas-mask3, 5, 20
Pistol2, 3, 10

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