A Night In Paris video slot invites you to the French capital and offers to enjoy the original detective story. Watching the security officer catch the thief is both interesting and profitable. Under the veil of Parisian night, you will get up to 500 credits per a spin, free spins and a bonus game with generous payouts.

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Rules of the A Night In Paris Slot

The Choose Line button is designed in the form of a bench. There are 30 paylines available for each spin. To choose a number of credits you are betting, click on the Plus/Minus icons located alongside the Bet Per Line button. You can place 1 to 5 credits per line, with 30 to 150 in total.

A Night In Paris slot has two game modes:

  • Manual
  • Automatic

The first one, controlled by the Spin button, is for players who prefer single spins. The second mode is used by players who prefer a spin series with the preselected settings. To activate it, press the Autoplay button at the top left of your screen. To the left, there is the Sound Off symbol which can turn off the sound if you do not need it.

Winnings and Symbols

The most highly paid symbol, which can give you up to 500 credits, is the Security Officer icon. The Thief symbol can earn you up to 300 credits, and the French Bulldog symbol can bring you payments with up to 250 multipliers. Other paid icons include:

  • Couple
  • Doves
  • Vase
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Sculpture
  • Croissant

These symbols can earn you 10 to 200 credits. Security Officer’s Badge on the reels earns you instant prize payouts. Thanks to the Betsoft developers, the A Night In Paris slot offers you free spins. A series of free spins is activated by three Security Officer’s Badge symbols on the reel.

The Painting symbol triggers a bonus game. Three such icons take you to the museum, where the thief is trying to steal a valuable exhibit, with the security officer chasing him.

How to Win A Night In Paris Slot

A Night In Paris slot offers more than 95% remuneration. Thus, betting 100 credits, you can safely expect 95 of them to return on your account. The winning strategy for this game is simple. Raise your bet if the scatter and the Painting symbol have not been hit during the last 10-15 spins. After a big win, return to the minimum bet.

SymbolBetting Range
Security officer25; 100; 250; 500
Thief20; 80; 150; 300
Bulldog10; 50; 125; 250
Couple5; 40; 100; 200
Doves5; 30; 75; 150
Vase25; 60; 125
Eiffel Tower20; 50; 100
Sculpture15; 40; 75
Croissant10; 25; 50

by Berendej Kutko

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