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Rules of the Jungle Boogie Slot

Since the Jungle Boogie slot only has one payoff line, the controls are as simple as it gets. The gambler can define the value of the in-game currency, as well as the size of the bet in this currency. The value of the currency can be adjusted within the range of 0.01 to 5 credits. The Bet One button is used to change the size of the bet, which lies between 1 and 3 units of the in-game currency. The chosen amount will be deducted from your account before the start of every spin. Your current account balance is displayed in a special cell in the left lower corner of the screen. The payoff table is situated right above the reels, and for your convenience, it will automatically highlight the possible payoffs after you have placed a bet.

You can place the maximum possible bet in just one click by using the Bet Max button. After that, use the Spin button to launch spins in manual mode. The cell on the left from the reels will be displaying the overall size of the bet (in credits), while the cell on the right will be showing the size of your previous payoff.

There is a text version of the Jungle Boogie Slot rules, and it is accessible by clicking on the button which looks like a wrench and selecting “Help” in the menu that falls out. The Jungle Boogie slot is really simple, so it doesn’t have bonus rounds, progressive jackpots, risk games and free spins. Neither will you find the special symbols (such as wild symbols or scatters) in this slot.

Symbols and Payoffs

Most winning combinations in the Jungle Boogie Slot include 3 identical symbols. The picture of a tiger will grant you the biggest rewards. If you have placed the minimum bet (1 unit of in-game currency), the payoff will be 1000 currency units, and if you decided to risk it all and placed the maximum bet (3 currency units), your payoff will reach 4000 currency units. If you preferred the medium bet size (2 currency units), you’ll get 2000 currency units from the tiger combination. Similarly to the tiger icon, most other symbols grant rewards when they appear in combinations of three, with the exception of the fish symbol. The payoffs from other Jungle Boogie icons are as following:

  • Chimpanzee – 1500 currency units
  • Parrot – 600 currency units
  • Monkey – 300 currency units
  • Leopard – 150 currency units

Three fish icons with maximum bet will get you 450 currency units, while the medium and minimum bet sizes will bring you 15 and 6 currency units, respectively.

How to Win the Jungle Boogie Slot

The Return to Player rate in the Jungle Boogie Slot reaches 97,4%. There is no particular winning strategy for this slot because it doesn’t have any bonus features and has minimum parameters to configure. Before you bet real-life money in the Jungle Boogie slot, you should try the demo version of the game to get familiar with it. According to the slot reviews from experienced players, Jungle Boogie tends to produce winning combinations more often if you place the maximum bet.

SymbolPayoff (for maximum bet size)
Fish6, 15, 450

by Berendej Kutko

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