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How to play Premium European Roulette

While playing Premium European Roulette, you can use chips with a face value from 0.01 to 100 credits. Such a wide range of bets gives you an opportunity to use your bankroll with care. To set the value of the chips, use the menu on the left side of the interface. All you need to get a win is to place bets in such a way that the selected parameters will match the characteristics of the number that has appeared as closely as possible. You will find out what this number is once the roulette`s wheel has stopped. The number on which the ball will stop is the winning number. In the European version of this game, numbers from 0 to 36 are scattered on the wheel.

While playing Premium European Roulette, you can place bets on the following parameters:

  • number
  • color
  • dozen
  • row
  • even or odd
  • range from 1-18 or 19-36
  • 4 numbers
  • pair of numbers

To place a bet, you must place the selected chips on the appropriate tabs. After you have placed the chips, the following buttons will appear in the right corner of the interface:

  • undo — undo the last action
  • clear bets — clear all chips
  • x2 — double the bets

After you have placed all of your bets, you can proceed to the rotation. It is launched by using the button with a circular arrow. When the wheel has stopped, the winning number will be determined, and, consequently, you’ll find out which of your bets were successful. After that, the following buttons will appear:

  • rebet — repeat the bets
  • x2 and spin — double your bets and start the game
  • rebet and spin — repeat the bets and start the game

Payouts in Premium European Roulette

If you successfully guess a single number, you can get the most impressive payout in Premium European Roulette. In this case, the prize is paid as 35 to 1. Multipliers for a pair of numbers are 17 to 1, and for 4 numbers are 8 to 1. The remaining bets are paid as follows:

  • red or black — 1 to 1
  • dozen — 2 to 1
  • row — 2 to 1
  • even or odd — 1 to 1
  • range from 1-18 or 19-36 — 1 to 1

How to win in Premium European Roulette

The RTP (return to player percent) of Premium European Roulette is more than 97%. Due to the absence of a double zero sector, this version of roulette provides you with the maximum advantage over the casino. The main secret of winning is the rational allocation of the bets. If you are an experienced player it is recommended to opt for the so-called outside bets (located outside the field with numbers).

Number35 to 1
Two numbers17 to 1
Four numbers8 to 1
Row2 to 1
Range1 to 1
Color1 to 1
Dozen2 to 1
Even or odd1 to 1

by Berendej Kutko

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