Roulette 101 is an offbeat version of the most popular game developed by Playtech. The primary distinguishing feature is almost fully reflected in the name of this video slot. This roulette has 101 numbers, while in the standard version only 37 numbers are used. Thus, the size of prize payments for played bets is greatly increased. In each round, there are many chances of winning with multipliers of up to 100 to 1.

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How to play Roulette101

After loading Roulette101, you will see tips on the screen, which allow you to become acquainted with the gameplay. By clicking on the OK button, you can immediately start the betting process, where you can use virtual chips with values from 0.01 to 100 credits. The numbers from 0 to 100 and four sectors with various card suits are marked on the wheel.

Due to the fact that the game uses a non-standard set of numbers, the list of available bets has been changed. There are no dozens, but a new parameter of card suit has been added. Also, you cannot place a bet on the range. The remaining bets remain unchanged. During the game, you can place your bet on the following parameters:

  • number
  • suit
  • two numbers
  • four numbers
  • red-black
  • even-odd
  • row

Unlike in the traditional roulette, there are not 3, but 9 rows. You can use the following control elements in Roulette101:

  • undo — undo the last action
  • clear bets — delete all chips
  • x2 — double the bets

By clicking on the large round button in the lower right part of the interface, you can start the rotation of the roulette wheel. A virtual dealer launches the ball on the wheel. After the ball will stop, you will see which of the bets that you made have won. The prize payments will be added to your balance. Then you do the following actions:

  • rebet — repeat the bets
  • x2 and spin — double your bets and start the game
  • rebet and spin — repeat the bets and start the game

Payouts in Roulette101

The most generous payouts in Roulette101 can be won by placing the bet on a number or suit. Multipliers for them are 100 to 1. A correctly guessed pair of numbers is paid as 49 to 1, and four numbers are paid 24 to 1. A bet on a row has a multiplier of 9 to 1. A color and even-odd are paid as 1 to 1.

How to win in Roulette101

The RTP (return to player percent) of Roulette101 is about 97%. Since this version of the game significantly differs from the classical rules, traditional roulette strategies don’t work here. To win in this video slot, it is recommended to play the bets with equal chances.

Number100 to 1
Suit100 to 1
Two numbers49 to 1
Four numbers24 to 1
Row9 to 1
Even or odd1 to 1
Color1 to 1

by Berendej Kutko

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