The Bingo game by the Austrian provider Amatic is a popular gambling entertainment based on classic lotteries. At the same time, it shares many similarities with slot machines. The game that was released by the Amanet division has caught the international attention of players as, unlike similar games by other provides, it does not have any ready-made tickets with a set of numbers on them. Before the round begins, the user independently decides on the set of numbers they like, which allows them to test their instincts and make the game more exciting. The drawing of additional balls helps increase the chances of winning.

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How to play Bingo

Unlike most other virtual bingo games, there are no fixed number combinations or paylines in this game. The user independently chooses the numbers they like and can count on winnings if there are two or more matching numbers. The playing field is a layout featuring eight lines and ten rows. The cells are marked with consecutive numbers ranging from 1 to 80. By clicking on the corresponding cell, the player can select up to 10 of them. The Clear button allows users to cancel the chosen numbers.

Players can adjust their bet using the Bet button. It allows selecting the amount of bet worth from 0.1 to 20 credits. The Start button launches the drawing of numbers. After that, 20 balls will randomly fall out of the virtual lottery drum. Players are entitled to payouts if several of their selected numbers on the ticket match those drawn from the lottery drum. If there is a high probability of a new paid sequence being formed, the option of additional ball drawing is activated:

  • The Extra Balls button appears on the control panel.
  • After clicking on it, two extra balls fall out.
  • The results are summed up, and prize payouts are awarded.

Table layout and payments

The playing field is decorated in a minimalist style. All the controls are placed against the blue background. The payout table is on the right side of the screen, and it automatically highlights all the matching combinations. The most significant winnings are awarded if all the numbers selected by the user match the numbers drawn from the virtual lottery drum.

How to win when playing Bingo

Official sources provide no information regarding the RTP (Return-to-Player) percentage for the Bingo game by Amatic. No strategy works effectively and 100% reliably in this genre of gambling entertainment. Players’ own luck and intuition remain the only factors that determine their chances of winning. However, by activating the option of additional ball drawing when such an opportunity presents itself, the user can increase the likelihood of receiving larger payouts.

Game situationWinning at the minimum bet
Four balls0.3 credit
Five balls0.5 credit
Six balls1.3 credits
Seven balls5 credits
Eight balls15 credits
Nine balls150 credits
Ten balls1500 credits

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