The Gladiator slot from the Betsoft developers invites you to go back in time, visit the Antique Epoque and find out more about the warriors of Ancient Rome. The five reels will be displaying the greatest battles of the past. Every spin can get you payoffs with coefficients of up to 400. The Gladiator slot has a maximum of 30 active lines which allow you to get a lot of various combinations, some of which will activate five different bonus games.

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Rules of the Gladiator Slot

The main gameplay control elements in this video slot are designed to imitate the tops of Ionic Greek columns. These include the following keys:

  • Bet per Line
  • Select Lines
  • Max Bet
  • Spin

During the game in the Gladiator slot, you can use up to 30 active lines, on which various winning combinations can be formed. To activate a certain number of lines, you’ll have to press the “Select Lines” button. Setting a customized bet size for every line is possible by using the “Bet per Line” key. The bet size may vary from 1 to 5.

The “Max Bet” button should be used to automatically set maximum bet size for each active line. If you want to spin the reels once with the bet size and number of active lines parameters you’ve defined, all you have to do is press the “Spin” button.

Symbols, Payoffs, and Bonuses

The most generous payoffs (from 160 to 800 credits) in the Gladiator slot are reserved for various portraits of warriors in steel helmets. The stallion symbol can get you payoffs of up to 200 credits, while the sack full of coins features coefficients of up to 100. All other icons have coefficients ranging from 10 to 300:

  • Tiger
  • Shield and sword
  • Morgenstern
  • Cup
  • Flag
  • Colosseum

The portrait of the Roman Empress is the symbol which, if found in the first position on any of the reels, can activate the wild symbol and double the payoff for its own combinations. If the third reel displays the symbol of a gladiator in a steel mask in any position, the whole vertical row will be covered with wild symbols.

Three and more door symbols activate a special bonus round, during which you can collect various prizes just by choosing cells on the screen. The picture of the Colosseum is the scatter symbol, which increases the bet size in all directions. At some point in the game, the first three lines on the second, third and fourth reels can display the combination of the Colosseum and two gladiators. This combination triggers the bonus game, during which you will have to guess which one of the gladiators is going to win in a fight.

How to Win the Gladiator Slot from Betsoft

The Gladiator slot is known to produce winning combinations quite often. On average, players get up to 95% of all the money they invested in the game back, which means that it is pretty difficult to lose a lot of money in the Gladiator slot even if you keep getting no winning combinations. If you use all available lines simultaneously, you will significantly increase your chances of winning. Also, it is a good idea to gradually increase the size of the bet if you haven’t had any winning combinations for a while.

Gladiator #1160, 320, 800
Gladiator #2160, 320, 800
Stallion40, 80, 200
Coins20, 40, 100
Tiger60, 120, 300
Shield and sword100, 200, 500
Morgenstern100, 200, 500
Cup10, 20, 50
Flag30, 60, 150
Colosseum4, 20, 50

by Berendej Kutko

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