The Red Dog card game appeared more than two centuries ago based on classic poker. An interesting feature of this gambling entertainment is the progressive rate, which is formed based on an ante. The payout ratio can reach 11 to 1.

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Rules of the Red Dog Card Game

The user and the dealer are playing in the game. For the game, a deck of 52 cards from two to an ace is used. After downloading the game, you must make an ante bet. This is done using chips ranging in value from 0.1 to 100 credits. After that, you can start the dealing by pressing the Deal key. Three cards will appear on the field. Two of them are open and one is upside down. The sum of the points for the generated cards is of fundamental importance. They are calculated in the following way:

  • From two to ten – by face value
  • Jack – 11 points
  • Queen – 12 points
  • King – 13 points
  • Ace – 14 points

In the middle of the game filed is a table of bets. Depending on which two cards are generated, the current size of the possible win is determined. The chip with the image of the red dog moves to the corresponding field.

If the face value of two open cards differs by one point, a draw is declared. In this case, the ante is returned to the player. If the cards have the same denomination, the third card opens, and if it turns out to be the same, the user will win with a coefficient of 11 to 1. In case if the value is different, the draw will be announced again.

When the difference between cards exceeds one point, the chip with the dog is sent to the field with a numerical value equal to the number of cards missing between the generated ones. For example, if two and six fell out, the number will be 3 (three, four, and five are missing). After that, the player can raise the bet or leave it the same. In the first case, you need to use the Raise button, and in the second – the Call key. After that, the third card is revealed. If it is in the range of the missing cards, the player wins, and if not, the dealer becomes the winner.

How to Win at Red Dog

Winning Red Dog is relatively easy. The advantage of the casino is less than 3%. This means that your chances of winning are more than 97%. Experienced players recommend keeping from increasing the bet if the spread between the dropped cards is less than 7.

CardsSum of points
From two to tenBy face value

by Berendej Kutko

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