The Break the Bank slot machine is a three-reel slot in a classic style. It has simple rules and traditional symbols such as BAR, 7, fruit, and others. For each spin, the user can win up to 2,400. The game allows you to generate winning combinations on a single payline.

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How to Play Break the Bank

Even a novice player will master the intricacies of managing the Break the Bank slot without any difficulties. The basic setting is the bet size. It can be 1, 2 or 3. To change it, use the Bet button. One-time click on it sets the exact amount. The bigger it is, the higher the jackpot the player can win. To start the game in the manual mode, use the Spin button. Also, there are the following keys on the control panel:

  • Info – opens the paytable
  • Auto play – activates the automatic game
  • Max bet – sets the maximum bet amount

In the Credit Meter window, the player can find out about the balance on his account. The Credits Played cell reports the amount of the bet made.

Symbols and Winnings

The logo of the game is the most interesting symbol of the slot. First, it is paid most generously – from 800 to 2,400, depending on the size of the bet. Secondly, if one such icon appears on the line, the winnings are multiplied by 2 times, and if 2 two such icons are generated, then the winnings are multiplied by 4. The seven brings from 200 to 600. For different combinations of BAR inscriptions, it is possible to get from 10 to 240, while cherries bring from 2 to 60 credits. There is no wild symbol or a scatter in the slot.

How to Win at Break the Bank

The biggest winnings in Break the Bank slot are possible with a bet of 3 credits. If you want to win big, it is recommended to bet the biggest possible amount.

LogoFrom 800 to 2,400
7From 200 to 600
BARx3From 80 to 240
BARx2From 40 to 120
BARFrom 20 to 60
Any BAR inscriptionsFrom 10 to 30
3 cherries60
2 cherriesFrom 5 to 15
1 cherryFrom 2 to 6

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