Spin a Win game is developed by Playtech and based on the classic ‘Wheel of Fortune’. Your main task is to make the bet that matches the characteristics of the sector that appears on the wheel as much as possible. For each rotation, you can get wins with multipliers of up to 23.4.

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How to play Spin a Win

The betting fields are located on the main screen of the Spin a Win game. You can place the bet on a specific number, color of a sector, range and the last symbol in the number. To place the bet, just click on the corresponding part of the playing field. To increase the bet that you have made, you must click on it once again. A single click is one credit.

The buttons for betting are located at the bottom of the interface:

  • clear last bet — delete the last bet
  • spin — start the game
  • clear all bets — delete all bets

You can find numbers from 1 to 24 in the left part of the screen. With this scoreboard, you have an opportunity to place the bet on a specific number. This bet is paid as x23.4. In the lower left part of the interface is a sector that allows you to place on the range of 1-8, 9-16, or 17-24. This bet is paid with the multiplier of x2.90. Betting on color has the following multipliers:

  • red — x3.3
  • green — x3.9
  • blue — x4.6
  • yellow — x5.8
  • orange — x11.7
  • red-blue — x1.9
  • red-green — x1.8
  • yellow-green — x2.3
  • blue-orange — x3.3
  • yellow-orange — x3.9

The ‘Last Digit’ bet is paid with the multiplier of x7.8. There are also two fields inside the wheel where you can place credits. The first is ‘Odd / Even’. You can place the bet on even or odd numbers. This bet is paid with the multiplier of x1.9. The second parameter is ‘Higher / Lower’. Here a player bets on whether the next number that appears will be higher or lower than the previous one. It is impossible to make this bet before the first spin. It is also unavailable when a number that has appeared is 1, 23, or 24. If the result is the same as in the previous spin, the bet is lost. The total bet is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. After the rotation, an additional Rebet button will appear. By using it, you can repeat all previous bets.

How to win in Spin a Win

RTP (return to player percent) of Spin a Win game depends on what bets you have made. These parameters for each bet are listed in the information section. This section opens after pressing the Help button in the menu, which is located in the upper right corner of the interface. As with other Playtech games, most of the regular strategies relevant to the roulette will work. You must use the probability of the appearance of certain numbers while taking into account the history of recent wins.

Last symbol in the number7.8
Even or odd1.9

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