Double Zero roulette is a special version of classic gambling. If in the traditional version of the game, in addition to numbers from 1 to 36, there is also zero on the wheel, then in this version, there is another cell where the double zero is located. Otherwise, the rules of this game version in many ways resemble the classic game. So, how to play Double Zero roulette?

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Double Zero Roulette Rules

The numbers on the wheel are painted in red and black. The exceptions are 0 and 00. They are shown in green. The first thing that a player needs to do is make a bet with chips. They can have different denominations. Then the wheel starts spinning. When the ball stops at one of the numbers, the result of the round is summed up. Played bets are paid. There may be additional rules in the game depending on the manufacturer. Some games use the Surrender rule – if the ball stops at 0 or 00, not the whole bet, but only half of the amount is lost.

Betting in Double Zero Roulette

The principle of making bets in Double Zero roulette is also based on the classic scheme. The bets can be inside and outside. The inside bets are made on specific numbers. If a player bets on one number and the ball stops on it, the gambler gets the most generous payout. In addition, you can bet on groups of numbers that include two, three, four, and six numbers.

Inside bets in are made not on numbers but on other parameters of the sector. Players can bet on the following parameters:

  • The color of the cell (red or black)
  • One of 3 dozens
  • A column
  • Even or odd
  • Large (from 19 to 36) or small (from 1 to 18)

In some versions of Double Zero roulette, there may be other additional bets. Odds, as a rule, are calculated according to classic rules but can be changed at the discretion of the manufacturer.

The basic advantage of the player over a casino is about 94%. These indicators may vary depending on the availability of additional rules and bets in the gameplay. In general, it is a dynamic and exciting game with profitable rules.

by Berendej Kutko

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