It’s no secret that Black Jack is among the most popular gambling entertainment in the world. The game is a success due to the minimal advantage of the casino, dynamic and fast gameplay, as well as simple rules that can be easily mastered even by a beginner. On our website, there is a blackjack emulator, available free of charge and without registration. You will win if you collect a combination that gives the sum of points as close as possible to 21.

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Rules of Black Jack

In Black Jack, you play against the virtual dealer. You win if you collect the combination, the sum of points for which is as close as possible to 21, but no more. If it is more, you lose. The game uses a 52-card deck. It includes cards from deuce to ace. For betting, chips of 0.1, 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100 are used. They can be selected in the lower left part of the interface.

You need to place the chips of the desired denomination in a round field at the center of the interface. Once the bet is made, you can click the Deal button, which starts the game. After that, you and the dealer will receive 2 cards. One of the cards of the dealer is placed face up. Thus, you can assess your chances of winning. The cards bring the following points:

  • From 2 to 10 – by the numerical value
  • Cards with pictures except for an Ace – 10 points each
  • Ace is 1 or 10

After getting two cards, you can take an additional one (the Hit button), double (the Double key), split the cards into two hands (Split button) if two identical cards appeared, and stop (Stand button). When the scores of each party are calculated, you know who the winner is.

For the convenience of the player, the current number of points is displayed near the hand. The Clear key allows you to remove the bet you made, and the Rebet key allows you to repeat it. In the case of a win, you will win the amount twice the bet.

How to Win at Black Jack

As it was already mentioned, the advantage of the casino is minimal in Black Jack. First, this is because one of the cards of the dealer is placed face up. This gives you a chance to objectively calculate the odds of winning. It is necessary to consider what combination is on the hand at the moment. If the amount is at least 17, do not take another card, and if 11, then it makes sense to double the bet.

CardScore points
Ace1 or 11
King, Queen, Jack, 1010

by Berendej Kutko

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