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Rules of the Three Card Poker Slot

The main card in the Three Card Poker game is an ace of hearts. The game starts with three aces appearing in front of the player. It is necessary to remember exactly where the card of the hearts suit is located. After that, the cards are turned over and moved around. If a player is attentive, it won’t be difficult for him to remember where the ace of hearts is.

When the cards stop, you have to determine which one of them is the ace of hearts. To do this, just click on the card. The round begins after you press the Play button. In the upper right corner, there is a button using which you can turn on or turn off the soundtrack. The music playing during the game is nice, but if it distracts you, it won’t be difficult for you to create the suitable conditions.

At the bottom left part of the interface, there is a cell in which the best result is displayed. On the opposite side, there is an information block displaying the current winning. Once a player makes a mistake, the current points are canceled. The game begins anew.

Winning in the Three Card Poker slot is incredibly easy. As already mentioned, the most important thing is being attentive. The user needs to monitor the movement of the cards. In this case, it will not be difficult to determine exactly where the ace of hearts is located.

Three Card Poker game

The Three Card Poker game is a popular type of the legendary gambling entertainment. On our site, there is a three-card poker emulator, which will be appreciated by the most diverse categories of gamblers. The game is available for free and without registration. In it, the user can earn winnings with the multipliers of up to 40 to 1. The emulator is great thanks to its convenient management, a wide range of bets, and additional profitable features.

The user plays against the dealer. The game in poker traditionally begins with making bets. This emulator is no exception. Virtual chips are used to make bets. They are located at the bottom of the interface. The Three Card Poker slot has chips of the following denomination:

  • 0.01 credits;
  • 1 credit;
  • 5 credits;
  • 10 credits;
  • 25 credits;
  • 100 credits.

The minimum bet is 1 credit. If a player makes a lower bet, it’s impossible to start the game. One of the bets is an ante. It is mandatory. An additional bet is Pair Plus. The player can decide whether he wants to make this bet or not. It involves increased payments for certain combinations.

After the sufficient bets are made, the distribution process can begin. This is done with the Deal key. Then the player and the dealer get three cards each. After analyzing the obtained combination, the user can give up. To do this, a gambler has to press the Fold key. The Play button allows you to continue the game. In this case, the player and the dealer reveal their cards. The winner is the one who has a stronger combination on his hands. In the Money cell, the balance of funds on the gambler’s account is displayed.

Winnings in Three Card Poker

On the right side of the screen, there are tables that show payouts for different combinations and types of bets. To the Ante Bonus bet:

  • straight flush – 5 to 1;
  • three cards – 4 to 1;
  • straight – 1 to 1.

For the Pair Plus bet:

  • straight flush – 40 to 1;
  • three cards – 30 to 1;
  • straight – 6 to 1;
  • flush – 4 to 1;
  • pair – 1 to 1.

How to Win the Three Card Poker Slot

  • blank – 74.39%;
  • pair – 16.94%;
  • flush – 4.96%;
  • straight – 3.26%;
  • three cards – 0.24%;
  • straight flush – 0.2%.

Thus, using the Pair Plus bet will increase the likelihood of winning a large sum.

CombinationAnte Bonus WinningPair Plus Winning
Straight flush5 to 140 to 1
Three cards4 to 130 to 1
Straight1 to 16 to 1
Flush4 to 1
Pair1 to 1

by Berendej Kutko

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