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How to play Upgradium

Upgradium slot machine has two adjustable settings:

  • The number of active paylines.
  • The bet on a payline.

The first parameter is adjusted by using the Lines menu. It includes plus and minus buttons. By clicking on them, you can select a number from 1 to 25. The Line Bet menu works using the same principle. It is responsible for the bet that was placed on each of the active directions. The Bet Max button instantly activates the maximum possible bet per spin. The button with the ‘i’ letter is used to open the pay table, where you can get basic information about the game.

If a player has selected the manual control mode, the rotation of the reels starts after pressing the Spin button. Also, the slot has an automatic mode. After its activation, the spins are launched without user intervention. It is launched by using the Auto Play button. While playing Upgradium, you can accelerate the speed of the rotation of the reels. To do this, press the Turbo Mode button. You will get winnings after the appearance of combinations of 3, 4 and 5 identical symbols on an active payline.

Symbols and winnings

Upgradium slot machine uses the ‘W’ letter as a wild symbol. It not only replaces the missing icons in winning combinations, but also has other interesting and advantageous features. For example, if this icon is a part of a paid combination, it turns symbols into higher paying ones. The wild symbol has the highest multipliers in the game. It multiplies the linear bet by 100, 200, and 1000.

Most of the symbols in Upgradium slot machine are represented by crystals. An orange crystal has multipliers of 75, 150, and 500, and a yellow one has multipliers of 60, 120, and 400. For a light-green crystal, multipliers are 50, 100, and 300; and for a green crystal multipliers are 40, 80, and 200. An ultramarine crystal multiplies the linear bet by 30, 60, and 150.

The remaining symbols have the following multipliers:

  • round crystal — 25, 50, 100
  • hexagonal crystal — 20, 40, 80
  • cubic crystal — 15, 30, 60
  • rhomboid crystal — 10, 20, 40
  • pyramid-shaped crystal — 5, 10, 25

Bonuses of Upgradium

There is a function of re-spins in Upgradium slot machine. With this feature, you can rotate the reels again without deducting credits from your balance after a paid rotation of the reels. Re-spin becomes available after a picture with an orange crystal appears on the central tab of the third reel. This tab is named the Hotspot in Upgradium. Then each symbol on the playing field turns into a higher paying one, and Hotspot occupies all three central reels.

How to win in Upgradium

RTP (return to player percent) of Upgradium slot machine is 95.07%. More lines are activated during the spin, the higher your chances to collect a winning combination. The best option is to use all 25 directions. Because re-spin can start literally during each rotation, it is advisable to keep a high level of bet throughout the game.

W100, 200, 1000
Orange crystal75, 150, 500
Yellow crystal60, 120, 400
Light-green crystal50, 100, 300
Green crystal40, 80, 200
Ultramarine crystal30, 60, 150
Round crystal25, 50, 100
Hexagonal crystal20, 40, 80
Cubic crystal15, 30, 60
Rhomboid crystal10, 20, 40
Pyramid-shaped crystal5, 10, 25

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