The Greyhound Racing game allows you to enjoy the dog races. The game can bring you impressive prize payouts. Users get a unique chance to get to the virtual race track. Six dogs take part in the race. You can bet on any of them, which means that the chances of winning are unusually high.

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Rules of Greyhound Racing

After the game is loaded, you will see the standings that list information about the 6 dogs. The table shows the following data:

  • Dog’s name
  • Color of outfit
  • Odds of winnings

The smallest bet is one credit, and the biggest is 100. The player can choose three options:

The coefficients for each are reflected in the table. You can choose all 3 options at the same time for each dog. Thus, you are practically unlimited in bets.

For betting, chips of different denominations are used. They can be selected on the right side of the interface. If you change your mind, you can press the Clear Bet button. Then, you can make a new bet. To start the round, use the Start Race button. After that, the animation demonstrating the canine race starts. Participants of the race periodically overtake each other. In real time, it is being shown who is in the lead now. At the bottom is a progress bar showing when the race will end.

After the end of the race, you’ll see, which of the bets were played, and receive the payouts of the proper size. The remaining credits on the game account are displayed in the Money box. In the Bet box, the total bet amount is shown.

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How to Win at Greyhound Racing

There are several ways to increase the chances of winning in the game. One of the most important is to start your acquaintance with the game with the demonstration mode. Our site gives access to the free version of the game to everyone. It is also recommended to raise the bet until the dog race brings you a big win.

DogPossible coefficients
All Saturdays1.7–5.5
The Norman1.09–2.2
Nice Tuft4–17.25

by Berendej Kutko

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