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Rules of Bingo

After downloading the bingo emulator, you will see the settings menu where you can set the following parameters:

  • The number of cards used
  • The size of the bet

The Num Cards menu allows you to select from 1 to 6 cards. The more of them, the higher your chances of getting a big win. The bet on each of the cards is fixed and equals one virtual coin. You can set the face value of the card in real credits. This is done using the Coin menu. Each coin can be equal to such sums:

  • 0.25 credits
  • 0.5 credits
  • 1 credit

The selected amount is then multiplied by the corresponding winning coefficient. You can find them in the table on the right side of the interface in the Settings menu. When the card matches, you receive a win in the amount of the bet on the card, multiplied by 100 times. The coefficient for 2 rows is 50 and the coefficient for one row is 5. The Money cell displays the balance of the player’s account. The Total Bet window shows the total amount bet. It is calculated based on the bet on the card, multiplied by the number of cards.

Once you choose the necessary parameters, press the Play button. After that, the selected number of cards will appear on the screen. Each of them includes 27 cells. In most of them, there are numbers. When you press the Start button, the numbers are played. In the upper left corner, balls with numbers begin to appear. As soon as any of them match the numbers on the card, they are highlighted in orange.

If the whole row is the same, it is highlighted in green. When all the numbers are played, the win is calculated. Its size is displayed in the Win window. To return to the settings menu, simply press the Buy Cards button. At the top of the game interface is a table, in which the played numbers are shown.

How to Win at Bingo

The Bingo game has become a cult gambling entertainment in many countries in the world because it gives you high chances of winning. You can use up to 6 cards. If you count on the largest payouts, you need to activate the maximum number of cards.

The whole card100
Two rows50
One row5

by Berendej Kutko

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